Anthony Lister is a contemporary Australian-born painter and installation artist, best known for his merging of “high” and “low” cultural imagery. Particularly well known as a street artist, Lister is considered amongst the best in the field with graffiti art legend Banksy even commenting that Lister- “appears to piss great art in his sleep".  After studying at the Griffith Queensland College of Art he was further educated under mentor Max Gimblett in New York City. Lister helped pioneer the street art movement in his home city as a teenager and is considered one of Australia’s renowned street artists. Lister employs multiple media including charcoal, acrylic, spray paint, graffiti removal paint and oil on canvas to create his scrawling, figurative style. Of his approach to painting he states: “The first rule of painting is to take everyone else out of the equation…I am the viewer, so I don’t underestimate my viewers. They see everything and I just have to assume that they are me. I can’t paint for anyone else.”

 A true innovator, he successfully finds a way to merge the influence of rough and dirty techniques and practices of “bad” painting with the tone of graffiti. Drawing inspiration from his surroundings, Lister’s work is a parody of a modern society. His influences are very varied and include graffiti, stenciling, installations, comic book imagery, cartoons and his recollections of childhood.  Where Lister succeeds is simply his ability to leave his pieces open to interpretation. There is no correct interpretation for any specific work of art, but rather a range of emotions and skill set that is playful, whimsical, dreamlike and wholeheartedly Lister. Provocative and compelling, you can’t help being drawn to Anthony Lister and his incredible works of art. Anthony Lister is considered one of the most influential contemporary artists in Australia and features among the top 50 most collectable Australian artists. He has exhibited his fine art paintings and sculptures worldwide in a prolific and significant manner for two decades. Some of these exhibitions include : Urban Spree Gallery in Berlin, Lazarides Gallery in London, Olsen Gallery in Sydney, Show & Tell Gallery in Toronto, New Image Art Gallery in Los Angeles, Robert Fontaine Gallery in Miami, Wollongong Regional Art Gallery in Wollongong, Black Art Projects in Melbourne, Allouche Gallery in New York… His work is included in many private and public institution collections around the world.